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We visited Zanolino Art Gallery & Atelier in Pietermaai

Giovani Zanolino

13 apr. 2022

Read all about Giovani Zanolino and find out what was his #reasons for #investing in #Curaçao.

Who is Giovani Zanolino and how did you get started in the art world?

I grew up in an art household being the son of artist Philippe Zanolino. Art has been a part of my life since I was born. Having so much art around me facilitated me to approach the world visually.

It caused me to have a deep bond with visual arts by going to many museums and having books all around the house about the great art masters.

How di you find out about NFTs and what are the growth possibilities that you see as an local artist?

During the 2nd lockdown in Curaçao, Durk van de Meer contacted me about NFTs and that I had to make a Twitter page. He invited me to Foundation, a platform that sells NFTs. From there I tried to understand the space, reading a lot of information, in the beginning, to really enjoy all the possibilities.

For a local artist, the great possibilities are that NFTs are not geolocation bound. We bypass the banking system which used to make it hard to use e-commerce. We bypass the small art market in Curaçao and it allows us to network on a much broader scale.

It is a really big opening for artists, entrepreneurs, techies, innovators, and moderators. It has a very big potential for big, tech-savvy, and innovative projects to really participate on a world scale.

Giovani Zanolino

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